Contract signed for big ‘Forest Park’ in China

A contract has been signed with the government of Shenyang City to design a 1000 hectare ‘Forest Park’ in cooperation with the Shenyang Institute of Landscape Planning Design.

The vast forested slopes of the Qipanshan landscape park near the city of Shenyang shape the background of Shenyang National Forest Park. The northern valley with an area of approximately 100 hectare is the heartland of the total 1000 hectare forest park. In addition to forest protection and restoration, biodiversity, water quality and recreation constitute the spearheads of the master plan.

The existing network of unpaved trails will be expanded with marked thematic walks. The water zone consists of ponds connected by a rocky mountain stream, which is only water-carrying in the wet season (summer). In winter, the water from the ponds is used for snow production.

The ski area will be extended eastwards. Both the north and south entrance get a new gatehouse made of wood, natural stone walls and slate roofs.

National Wetland Park, Shenyang

A contract has been signed with the government of Shenyang to design a 400 hectare ‘Wetland Park’ in cooperation with the Shenyang Institute of Landscape Planning Design. On both sides of Pu river along 9 kilometers, there will be created a natural park, containing many small water ways and wetlands. Here will be located special elements like fishing piers, bird observatories, water gardens, pick nick places, and observation areas for fishes, insects and amphibians. Semi paved foot paths, wooden board walks and bridges will connect these elements, as well as bicycle paths and bridleways. Near the entrances which are accessible by car, will be parking places and a range of facilities like bike rentals, kiosks, toilet buildings, tea houses, restaurants and management buildings. The two existing villages in the area will get a agro-touristic function, accommodating the residents with future developments like a B&B or small restaurant, keeping the present characteristics of the villages as a starting point. In a Wetland Museum visitors can get acquainted with various systems of water purification. Several big helophyte filters will soon purify the waters of Pu river.

National Forest Park, Shenyang

The extensive forest of the Qipanshan Scenic Spot Area near the city of Shenyang forms the scenery for the Shenyang National Forest Park. The northern valley with an area of approximately 100 ha is the key area of the forest park with an total size of about 1000 ha. The masterplan for the Shenyang National Forest Park takes advantage of the unique natural features of the park. Biodiversity, water quality and recreation are the key elements of the masterplan, in addition to forest protection and restoration. Management and maintenance of the forest focusses on improvement of the forest structure and increase the diversity of tree, plant and animal species. Recreational use always respects the existing natural value of the forest and strengthens natural awareness. The network of walking routes will be extended with thematical walks (cultural, adventure, nature, forest and valley walk) which are signposted. Retention ponds connected by a stony mountain brook create a water zone. The brook only carries water during the wet season (summer). The water in the ponds is used for snow production in winter. The water will get an natural character, which attracts for water play and at the same time the ecological value will be much higher. The ski area will be extended to the east, taking advantage of half open slopes, to cut as little trees as possible. A ski-centre and climbing club will be developed in the valley using as much as possible of the existing building sites. Both entrances to the park , north and south, get newly built gates of wood, natural stone walls and roofs of slate. The playful pointed roof reflects to the mountainous surroundings and make it an icon for Shenyang National Forest Park.

Client: Government Shenyang, China
Cooperation: Shenyang Institute of Landscape Planning Design & APTO Architects
Year: 2015-2016
Area: 1000 ha
Location: Shenyang, China

‘Gated Community’, Harbin

In a new ‘gated community’ in Harbin the design for the entrance square and the park beyond had already be realized. However, the principal was not satisfied with the results. Niek Roozen Ltd. was invited to redesign certain parts.

A new design was made for the entrance square with a water feature ( scene), light objects in front of the entrance building and an alternative for two pavilions.

We have been inspired by the materials and patterns that were already implemented in the entrance building in order to create more unity. Extreme weather conditions in Harbin, nicknamed ‘the Ice City’, forced us to consider enough shelter and the accomplishment of objects when there is no water in the long winters. The lighting plan was an important plan as well due to the long dark winter season.

Client: Hei Longjing Longmei Mining Holding Group
Year: 2015
Area: 700 m²
Location: Harbin, China

Laoju River Park, Linfen

The city of Linfen is growing rapidly. The rivers that flow through it are important features of the city’s green structure, with their series of historical and modern parks. The Kang Le Park is the missing link between the two rivers and will have its own style within this park structure. The existing conditions are characterized by the natural Ju river and the steep clay walls which reach up to 15m in some places in stepped plateaus. There are places where various houses have been built into the clay walls which is a unique type of architecture in this region.

The general theme for the park is “sport in nature”, where the sport fields are located on the various plateaus in the park. There is also room for informal sports in the forested areas and the steep clay walls can be used for climbing activities. Each area of the park has its own specific sport opportunities.

The clay walls will be flattened in some areas so visitors can easily access the different levels. The forested upper plateau is connected to the open lower plateau with a flowering slope.

The client decided to increase the water capacity due to the growing urban development as well as the drying out of this region. Dams will be used to hold the water and the river banks will be modified to create park spaces along the river, including a beach. This will result in a unique park on the river where sport and nature play a key role.

Commissioned by Niek Roozen BV
Cooperation: Arktree Landscape Design Co. Ltd.
Year: 2015
Area: 187 ha
Location: Linfen, China


landscape designer

I graduated from Shenyang Agricultural University in China and got my master degree of landscape architecture design in June 2015. During the post-graduate, I participated in some design projects,  including garden design and college landscape design. Submitting my resume, I began working as an intern for 3 months at NRL Shenyang in July.

During my internship, I felt the joy of design working and I would like to continue to do it. Now I am lucky to be a part of this company. My task includes assisting the making of drawings for the Dutch designers and keeping up the connections between the NL office and the cooperating company for design-related issues. I hope to use my professional skills and language advantage to help colleagues and Chinese clients to solve problems and learn more international design ideas in here.

Yantong Liu


I am Liu Yantong , 23 years old, graduated from Liaoning Provincial College of Communications, majoring in accounting computerization. As the cashier in our company, I am in charge of finance. It is a great honor to have this chance to work in a foreign company and thus I think my responsibility is significant.

For me, there are a lot of new things to learn , and it motivates me to improve myself. It is a great opportunity for me to join this company. I hope I can integrate into this big family and learn from other colleagues. I think I will get more professional knowledge and a bright future.