uitsnede Sherry nieuw

Sherry Xue Shujuan

office manager

I graduated from Liaoning University in Shenyang with a Bachelor’s Degree and is now studying in Liaoning Normal University as on-job postgraduates. I, with more than 10-years’ experience of teaching English, started being a translator since 2004 and being involved in the field of landscape design and engineering projects. During the past 9 years, I have been involved in hundreds of interpretations for presentations in #meetings , and at the same time, for business entourages and simultaneous translations as well. Personally, I think an excellent interpreter shall not #only have a solid linguistic foundation  but good psychological qualities and quick reacting as well. I, an easy-going and energetic lady, have been  on the way to achieve the goal to be a very good and qualified interpreter, for I always think things can be better.