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Huang He Bei Street, Shenyang

Huang He Bei Street is a 5,5 km long street running north-south through Shenyang’s Financial District. Because of its width and existing tree structure, the street has the potential to be a “green street” according to the green city principles with a handful of improvements. There is currently enough space for quality green between the pedestrian areas and the roadways and adjacent development. The first phase of the project involved identifying the types of spaces where green can be added and improved and visualizing the impact quality plants can have on these areas. The second phase included planting plans and collages for a number of key areas along the road as examples for further green development along the entire stretch from north to south.

Commissioned by: Niek Roozen BV.
Client: Shenyang Urban Construction Bureau, Shenyang Landscape and Planning Design Institute
Year: 2015
Area: 5,5 km
Location: Shenyang, China