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Baiye Park, Shenyang

The project is located in a hilly rural area on the south east side of the city Shenyang. The 2013 National Games in Shenyang partially took place in the stadium and sport center right in the middle of the new town of Baiye. Baiye Park is located on the south side of this sport stadium and will be an important city park for this new town of Shenyang.
All our designs are based on the existing landscape. We follow the topography of the land, use the existing watercourse and vegetation, emphasize its agricultural atmosphere and make a contemporary design to transform the whole rural area to a new livable town. In Baiye, from the south to the north, the design changes from a curved natural form to a more architectural form. The hills in the north are transformed to terrace-gardens with various planting areas, in the central area the park is designed as a green open space with recreational functions and in the south the existing watercourse is widened to a lake with high ecological value. The “North hill, South water” layout is based on the Chinese “Fengshui” ideology.
Planting is an important part of the design. Local plants have been used and combined in ways that give each area of the park a unique character. Straight tree rows contrast with natural planting and cultivated perennials are mixed naturally.
The large stadium in the middle of the site is located in the viewing axis of the north-south road. This symmetrically designed main road is an important connection for Baiye and also links the different areas in this project. It enters the area at the location of a prominent landmark and travels spectacularly right up to the stadium.

Commissioned by: Niek Roozen BV.
Client: City of Shenyang, China
Cooperation: Shenyang Landscape Institute
Year: 2015
Area: 43 ha.
Location: Shenyang, China