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Xiu Lake, Shenyang

Xiu Lake, located north of Shenyang, is famous for its picturesque landscape. Small villages, hotels, temples, gardens and artificial islands are scattered along the 5 km2 lake in the province of Liaoning. The development of tourism in the area aims to conserve the natural beauty of this historic area and convey the rich stories of the surrounding Chinese culture, ancient buildings, art and national treasures found near the lake. The lake itself is a scenic reservoir where all the drinking water for the city of Shenyang is collected.

The design concept sees the shores of Xiu Lake as a necklace: the chain is represented by the path which follows the water’s edge and the pearls are the special places located along this precious landscape. The path as landscape intervention is sensitive to the natural beauty of the lake area. The highlights are subtly engraved along the wooden path which tell the historic stories relevant to the location. The path meanders along the water and through the forest, but views of the lake are always present. The path sometimes splits, sometimes leads to enclosed spaces for bird watching, sometimes culminates in a pier which hangs over the water, or simply ends in a resting point where one can sit and admire the magnificent landscape.

Commissioned by: Niek Roozen BV.
Client: Government of Shenyang
Cooperation: Atelier Loos van Vliet, Arktree Shenyang
Year: 2011
Area: 18 km long
Location: Shenyang, China