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‘Gated Community’, Harbin

In a new ‘gated community’ in Harbin the design for the entrance square and the park beyond had already be realized. However, the principal was not satisfied with the results. Niek Roozen Ltd. was invited to redesign certain parts.

A new design was made for the entrance square with a water feature ( scene), light objects in front of the entrance building and an alternative for two pavilions.

We have been inspired by the materials and patterns that were already implemented in the entrance building in order to create more unity. Extreme weather conditions in Harbin, nicknamed ‘the Ice City’, forced us to consider enough shelter and the accomplishment of objects when there is no water in the long winters. The lighting plan was an important plan as well due to the long dark winter season.

Client: Hei Longjing Longmei Mining Holding Group
Year: 2015
Area: 700 m²
Location: Harbin, China