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National Wetland Park, Shenyang

A contract has been signed with the government of Shenyang to design a 400 hectare ‘Wetland Park’ in cooperation with the Shenyang Institute of Landscape Planning Design. On both sides of Pu river along 9 kilometers, there will be created a natural park, containing many small water ways and wetlands. Here will be located special elements like fishing piers, bird observatories, water gardens, pick nick places, and observation areas for fishes, insects and amphibians. Semi paved foot paths, wooden board walks and bridges will connect these elements, as well as bicycle paths and bridleways. Near the entrances which are accessible by car, will be parking places and a range of facilities like bike rentals, kiosks, toilet buildings, tea houses, restaurants and management buildings. The two existing villages in the area will get a agro-touristic function, accommodating the residents with future developments like a B&B or small restaurant, keeping the present characteristics of the villages as a starting point. In a Wetland Museum visitors can get acquainted with various systems of water purification. Several big helophyte filters will soon purify the waters of Pu river.