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Contract signed for big ‘Forest Park’ in China

A contract has been signed with the government of Shenyang City to design a 1000 hectare ‘Forest Park’ in cooperation with the Shenyang Institute of Landscape Planning Design.

The vast forested slopes of the Qipanshan landscape park near the city of Shenyang shape the background of Shenyang National Forest Park. The northern valley with an area of approximately 100 hectare is the heartland of the total 1000 hectare forest park. In addition to forest protection and restoration, biodiversity, water quality and recreation constitute the spearheads of the master plan.

The existing network of unpaved trails will be expanded with marked thematic walks. The water zone consists of ponds connected by a rocky mountain stream, which is only water-carrying in the wet season (summer). In winter, the water from the ponds is used for snow production.

The ski area will be extended eastwards. Both the north and south entrance get a new gatehouse made of wood, natural stone walls and slate roofs.