Laoju River Park, Linfen

The city of Linfen is growing rapidly. The rivers that flow through it are important features of the city’s green structure, with their series of historical and modern parks. The Kang Le Park is the missing link between the two rivers and will have its own style within this park structure. The existing conditions are characterized by the natural Ju river and the steep clay walls which reach up to 15m in some places in stepped plateaus. There are places where various houses have been built into the clay walls which is a unique type of architecture in this region.

The general theme for the park is “sport in nature”, where the sport fields are located on the various plateaus in the park. There is also room for informal sports in the forested areas and the steep clay walls can be used for climbing activities. Each area of the park has its own specific sport opportunities.

The clay walls will be flattened in some areas so visitors can easily access the different levels. The forested upper plateau is connected to the open lower plateau with a flowering slope.

The client decided to increase the water capacity due to the growing urban development as well as the drying out of this region. Dams will be used to hold the water and the river banks will be modified to create park spaces along the river, including a beach. This will result in a unique park on the river where sport and nature play a key role.

Commissioned by Niek Roozen BV
Cooperation: Arktree Landscape Design Co. Ltd.
Year: 2015
Area: 187 ha
Location: Linfen, China